So I was browsing the “funny or die” website and I came across these gems. I must say, some of them are pretty damn good. Apparently Milk’s new selling point is “Milk helps reduce the symptoms of PMS” and I think that’s a shitty campaign; in case you were wondering. I don’t know why I felt compelled to re post and share my thoughts with the internet but here you have it.  Some of the “rejected ones” are funny and some of them are lame.

Original ads:









Rejected (but LOL worthy) ads:






































































I may be a dick of a woman to admit that some of them made me LOL, but they did. It’s obvi these were created by men who have nothing better to do with their day and an ability to photo shop. Don’t take this as me being some sort of she-ra woman hater or anything; just wanted to share.