“it’s like we both have just arrived here like we’ve just stepped off a plane in a new town and the sun was out. i would talk,  you would point your ear at me like i was making some sweet sound you said, “make it loud”. but we can never come back here again we can only hope to  forget. walked through a cemetery archway into a wood that hung so happily alone but the words were all wrong. you traded all my ill affections  for directions to a party across town. you bring the house down.  so, burned is the house. gone is the street. here is the same disappointing retreat. and i need it like hell if i’d lie to myself to think i could live that life over again. where the cuts were like guilt and the taste for your eyes. i say, “we’re up when i couldn’t just say goodnight”. if you cry me a river you can baptize me in i’d say, “i guess that’s it, now i’ve fucking seen everything”.

you were the first real choice i would make but we all make mistakes.