dear donald beck,

(i probably shouldn’t be doing this but my urge to give a fuck left days ago.)

how dare you think you can treat people like they dont matter. i never thought id see you the way i saw you today. i didnt think you had it in you to stoop so low and do me so dirty; shame on me. the people you choose to surround yourself with should have said it all. you walk through life and blame other people for your short comings and your problems when in reality youre the one who made your life the way it is. man up and fix what needs to be fixed. when did it become fashionable to be a coward? do you really think ignoring your problems will make them just go away? be a man and give those who deserve the truth, the truth. youve turned into a completly different person and there was never any life behind your eyes this time around. i hope for your sake that changes sooner then later.

oh and for the record; im not drowning and there is no one here to save, babe. i am better off without you and i wish I could say the same for you. i hope the next girl knows that she will never be what i was to you years ago; we both know that’s true. in closing id like to add that everything will come back to you and i will find the truth in all your lies. you were a good actor, but not good enough.